Monday, March 13, 2017

Bad Service and Resentment

I went to Kroger today for the usual reasons, and because Kroger has a liquor store attached to it, and me being fond of my spirits, I paused briefly to pick up a bottle of gin.  Actually, I bought two, one of which is a brand I'm unfamiliar with and will taste test in about thirty minutes, which is when Happy Hour starts at feles domum.

Trigger Warning: Profanity and racial slurs follow.  Continue reading at your own risk.

The local government in Columbus, Ohio, is uptight about liquor.  I think they believe that Detroit Michigan's lax liquor laws (say that three times when you're half in the bag) are the cause of Detroit's downfall, and so decided that the evils of liquor were going to be severely restricted in Columbus, if not banned outright.  Politicians being how they are, that last is kind of a stretch, but I wouldn't be surprised what the future may hold.

At the Kroger store, liquor must be purchased separately, and here came the rub.  The fat, ignorant, obviously stupid girl at the register decided she really didn't want to wait on me, and treated me rudely.  She was obstructive and outwardly hostile.

And she was black.

I'm not.  I'm old, fat, and white, and I'm sick and tired of being blamed for every damned thing under the sun that these ignorant porch monkeys think is wrong with their situation personally.  Certainly if not for me keeping the black man down, this woman could have been a neurosurgeon, or a mathematician, or... well, the sky's the limit, isn't it?  But because of me and people just like me, she's a dumb f*****g c**t (DFC) working at Kroger, where she's discovered that operating the register is a mentally challenging activity.

Up until now I've been tolerant, but I'm giving that up.  I'm starting a one man letter writing to the various corporate offices and global headquarters of the companies where I've experienced prejudice or bad service, and I'm going to track the results here.  It's very likely that nothing much will happen, but you never know.

The store in question is located at 850 S Hamilton Rd., Columbus, OH.  I'm sending a complaint to the store and to the corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We'll see what, if anything, happens.

It's one minute to happy hour.   Here's how!


CWMartin said...

Darn, Jack, you know there's no such thing as reverse discrimination! This has certainly been a week of bad service. Saturday morning, saw a FB post on how a closing Christian bookstore in our area had jacked up their "liquidation pricing", and when questioned, the clerks were rude and claimed they weren't run by the former owners anymore. That night, we went to our favorite sports pub for a bite and beer and our waitress served our food, ignored that my glass was empty, and disappeared until all the food was consumed. The manager watching their FB page apologized and promised to make it right, but that don't help when the last piece of chicken quesadilla had the big concentration of peppers and I couldn't beg a frickin' Yuengling!

Mad Jack said...

Sorry to hear it, CW. Maybe it's something in the water.

Old NFO said...

It's not getting any better anywhere, trust me. Agree on standing up for one's rights and saying something to management!!!

Mad Jack said...

Thanks OldNFO. I think more people have encountered this kind of thing than I'd believe, and they're just staying quiet. It's easier not to make waves, you know.