Tuesday, March 7, 2017

General Headaches and Pains

I have a hard time believing that the moonbats are still in high dudgeon over the presidential election, but the proof is in the talking heads that pollute the airwaves (showing my August years here) and suck up perfectly good bandwidth with false news reports and empty headed screeds.

On a more personal note, Migraine One, whom I have mentioned before, has been sending me unsolicited hate email, in which she blames me for Trump's victory and cannot understand how she could have misjudged me so completely.  Interspersed in her neurotic ravings are a series of 'fuck yous' for one cardinal sin or another.  I believe that she hopes I die in a fire while she watches from the sidelines, cheering and passing out free popcorn.

I admit to egging her on a little, but only a little.  I replied to her last email with a polite, common sense missive explaining why ObongoCare wasn't working, and in fact was achieving the opposite effect intended.  That set her off again with more ad hominem, farcical attacks involving 'fuck you' and wishes for personal catastrophes on my part.

I think I should mention that Migraine One is in California, and so is very unlikely to show up at my door with a gallon of gasoline and a box of matches, otherwise I'd be taking her rants seriously.

The thing is that Migraine One has Fibromyalgia (she says), and so has access to pain pills and wine, which is what she's full of when she goes off on these screeds.  Otherwise impulse control tends to mitigate what she'll say and do.  To a certain extent, anyway.

Migraine One could easily serve as the archetype for the average SJW, Trump-hating, anti-freedom moonbat.  She'll accept the most outrageous opinions as the gospel truth and claim she is tolerant of everyone, while in the same breath denouncing Trump supporters as deplorable misogynists and secret pedophiles.  She's truly tolerant of everyone who holds the same beliefs that she does.

This would disturb me a whole lot less than it does were it not for one thing.  Migraine One is a journalist with a string of impressive awards for investigative reporting and journalism.  So she's got an audience.

That the commercial media is blatantly against President Trump is common knowledge.  What I am beginning to worry about is that four years seems to be a fairly short time, and the clock has started ticking.  While the moonbats are still reeling and smarting from their defeat, realistically they lost their number one champion - Hitlery.  Who will be the moonbats next choice for President?  And remember that no matter what President Trump manages to accomplish in four years, the moonbats will hate it.

I suppose we'll have to wait and see what happens.  Meanwhile, I wish Trump would purge D.C. of all the personnel that showed loyalty to the Ayatollah Obongo, because that would be a very nice beginning to the new administration.


CWMartin said...

Fought two such battles in the past. One accused me of being a racist and unfriended me. The other has more common sense than the average bear and we made up. Just so disappointing that so many people hate for no better reason than politics.

Mad Jack said...

I hear ya. For the life of me, I cannot understand their behavior. You're the same man you were before the election - so what's the problem?