Monday, July 1, 2019

An Accurate Tweet

I don't like Twitter.   I can't see tweeting anything much beyond the occasional insult to some foaming at the yap social sub-class whose members are terminally confused about reality and which restroom to use.

However, comma.

Big Mike shot this one over to me, and the author is completely in step with reality and is as succinct as he is accurate.

Tweet by James Poulos
Don't you just love it?  Portland, where you need an AR-15 and eyes in the back of your head if you're a journalist.  Los Angeles, where the rat problem is worse than New York City's, and gentrification consists of an outfitter's tent or a car that actually runs.  Then there's San Francisco, where residents are discovering weird new (to the U.S.) diseases that were previously confined to the open sewers of the middle ages and modernized third worlds.

So here's a tip of the old fedora and a hoist of the morning bourbon glass to James Poulos. I'd go out drinking with you anytime, James.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Sad times.

Glen Filthie said...

One thing that has always amazed me is how leftists never acknowledge the consequences of their actions or who is responsible for them. If some illegal sneaks over the border and shoots an innocent woman down in cold blood - they blame white supremacy, and excuse the vibrant because mean old Whitey wouldn't give him a job or include him in society. Negative consequences of liberalism are always somebody else's fault.

Bob G. said...

And I salute you (Mad jack), Jim Poulos, and Glen for saying what needs to be said.
We are fast approaching a tipping point in the USA...and it's not looking pretty at all.

Mad Jack said...

Ed: You're right about that.

Glen: Exactly. It's everyone's fault but the alleged perpetrator. The poor misunderstood minority who is a victim of whatever the current Moonbat meme is. Just look at the problems they're having in Minneapolis Saint Paul - MSP, which used to be a fairly nice place until the Somali rag heads moved in. Now there's no-go zones, violent crime, no end in sight. Me, I'd take a flame thrower to every single muk muk minaret I could find and call it a good beginning.

Religion of peace my ass.

Bob G: Thanks. Here's a hoist of the morning bourbon glass to you, Sir. Nice to have you around.