Monday, July 8, 2019

SJWs Reach a Brand New Low

I broke my toes on an empty case of bourbon, fell into my office chair and multi-fingered the keyboard for about three eternities.  When I was able to see again, I found myself staring at Quillette, and the article Publicly Shaming a Musician for Calling a Composition by Its Name by Kurt Gottschalk.  It looked interesting.

The SJWs are still at it, this time in Nova Scotia.  The event was a gathering of... well, I better insert the standard warning before I continue, because I'm going to get nasty.  If you're an SJW, continue at your own risk.

The event is called OBEY Convention XII, and it's funded by the state of Canada and a host of others who want to stay on the right side of the SJWs and the alphabet soup of door knob sucking faggots and dykes.  The trouble is, SJWs eat their own, as a few people discovered that eventful weekend.

The subject at the event is avant-garde art.  Visual, tactile, auditory (not music), and other is all represented.  Think in terms of a deranged Bozo with an aluminum step ladder and a bicycle pump.

One American (read: United States) composer named Mary Jane Leach was invited to give a lecture about an equally obscure composer and homosexual black man named Julius Eastman (1940-1990).  I don't expect anyone reading this to have heard of either one of these people, much less heard their music, but I'll say this about each: Their genre is avant-garde unknown.  I suppose you could label them both as classical, but the reality is that their music lurks about in the fringes of the same area where you might hear Phillip Glass (whose work I've heard and enjoy) or maybe Frank Zappa's classical compositions, although both those are something of a stretch due to quality control.  To give myself credit where credit is due, I looked up both Leach and Eastman on the Internet, found a few of their compositions on YouTube, and gave them a listen.  I was able to tolerate Eastman for 30 seconds; Leach I listened to as background music while I was doing something else.  She isn't too bad, especially when compared to Eastman.  Leach claims to have known Eastman, and for all I know they were close friends, although I doubt it.

But that's neither here nor there.

In a collection of self-proclaimed artists that no one has ever heard of, and in an audience so desperate for entertainment that they'll actually attend an event like this (pseudo intellectuals, wannabe bohemians, and real closet cases is what I'm thinking), Leach gave a lecture on Eastman, then was supposed to follow it up the next day with a concert of her own.  Eastman's known works include:

  • Joy Boy (1974)
  • If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich? (1977)
  • Nigger Faggot (1978)
  • Dirty Nigger (1978)
  • Evil Nigger (1979)
  • Crazy Nigger (ca. 1980)

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Mary Jane Leach, being an NYC avant-garde (I just love that word.  It means 'fucked up, but nobody wants to admit it'.) composer, listed a few of these compositions by name.  Big mistake, MJ.  Shortly thereafter, an unknown SJW complained to the powers that be, who immediately swung into action.  They canceled Mary Jane Leach's program for reasons that were never made clear to her, except to say that she'd deliberately injured a group of SJWs and so was being expelled and forced to wear a sandwich sign proclaiming her to be unclean and a social pariah.  Figuratively speaking.

Kurt Gottschalk doesn't do justice to the situation.  From his article:
The decision to cancel Leach’s concert was, more than clearly, made out of respect for people of colour and for the oppression they’ve experienced and continue to experience.
Which is stable dressing.  The decision was made from ignorance and hatred, no more, no less.  This is what the Canadian SJWs are like.  They're societal piraña, not caring what they eat or destroy, only that they must eat.  In this case they, the sparse attendees and the prolific crowd of artists, needed someone to hate.  Welcome the guest of honor, Mary Jane Leach.

And so, in summary, at an event that very few people have ever heard of, a naïve speaker gave a brief lecture about a dead black faggot who thought he was a noteworthy composer, and as a result of speaking the literal, uncensored truth was pilloried by her intellectual inferiors.  Being a musician of sorts and having no training in SJW combat, she has no ideas about how to fight back.  I recommend she read SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down, both by Vox Day.

Why am I bothered about this?  For the same reason that, in 1985, my brother Shotgun Bob experienced a similar event in college during his Latin class.  The professor explained that the Latin word for 'black' was nigreos.  When some jungle bunny jumped up and objected, the professor just smiled and explained that the language had been this way for two thousand years, and he was a bit late in his objections.  I gather that the black stopped showing up for class after that, and his formal complaints went into the round file.

The thing that bothers me is that the SJWs are so completely fucking stupid that they'll actually support an event like this one, and castigate some mercilessly for speaking the unvarnished truth, and now that the OBEY convention has some free publicity more people might attend, and the voice of sanity is being drowned out by the screeching of the moonbats.

Thanks for reading.


CWMartin said...

And then every now and again you have something like the black rapper who bailed on an upcoming event in Michigan because she found out they were charging more to whites for tickets. Their excuse? "So more people of color get a chance to attend." Her reasoning? "Makes us look like hypocrites..."

Mad Jack said...

CW: I saw that and was truly amazed.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Hypocrites indeed.
But now she'll be blackballed.
Can I say that?

Mad Jack said...

Ed: Shame on you. 'Blackballed' is a word, but she's welcome to switch sides. It wouldn't be the first time a moonbat has experienced a moment of sanity and decided they like it.

Glen Filthie said...

I learned the hard way: you don't get mad at these people. If you do - they got ya! They LIVE for that. Without your anger and outrage - they're nothing.

Old NFO said...

Agree with Glen- Laugh, point, and move on...

Mad Jack said...

Glen, Old NFO: Truth. Don't let the bastards rent space in your head.