Friday, July 5, 2019

Bricks and Free Speech

I occasionally read Kim du Toit, and although I don't agree with everything he writes, he usually has a fairly solid take on political events.  At the very least, the man is demonstrably literate.

On a recent post Kim referenced a Tweet by some moronic Moonbat about Antifa disruptions, milkshakes, and bricks (see the pic).

Sarah Gailey
Another blogger who I'm not familiar with picked up the tweet and wrote about it:

Tor Books Blogger Sarah Gailey Calls For Violence and Murder After Reporter Andy Ngo Attacked by Antifa by John Trent

Tor Books blogger and the author of Magic for Liars and the American Hippo Sarah Gailey called for violence and murder following the attack on reporter Andy Ngo by members of Antifa.

Gailey, in a number of now-deleted tweets, called for not only violence against those opposing Antifa, but also called for murder.

On June 30th, Gailey tweeted, “If we can’t throw milkshakes I guess we’ll just have to go back to bricks.” One of the weapons used in the attack against Ngo was a milkshake. Portland police reported they had been informed that wet cement mix had been mixed in with milkshakes that were being used as weapons by Antifa.
Sarah Gailey has since deleted the tweets, they having served their purpose and now being something of a liability.  Kim wrote what I would call a typical Kim-style response in Kim du Toit - Gloves Off

From Kim:
I repeat, for the umpteenth time: are you Leftist lunatics absolutely sure you want to start down this road?
Continue reading for my own take on this one, but be forewarned: If you're a sensitive little POS or a member of some subculture that's always getting offended, take your Xanax before you continue reading.

The answer to Kim's question is a rousing affirmative from the middle to far Left.  Yes, the moonbats do, in point of fact, want to continue down this highway.  Their little green vehicles are all charged up and they have a full load of bricks.  They have no fear at all.

Now think.

How many of these door knob sucking little fuckers have had the living shit beaten out of them as a result of their attack?  Or even just for running their mouth?  Sure, every so often one or two collect a set of minor bruises and cuts, but I'm talking serious violence here.

If Antifa showed up in force someplace for some reason, and were met by an equally large group of pissed off motorcycle outlaws, do you really think they'd hang around?  I don't.  I think the Antifa members who couldn't run fast enough would be chased down and stomped, then thrown into the nearest dumpster.  They'd be lucky if the dumpster wasn't set on fire afterwards.

That's not what's happening.  What's really happening is that the local police are protecting these little asshole cowards by being present at their demonstrations but ignoring their actions, thus giving tacit approval to Antifa.  The demonstrators attacked by Antifa have little to no idea just how to protect themselves; most have never been in an actual brawl.  Even if they did want to fight, they lack training, physical fitness, and weapons.  And let me tell you, anyone who has ever actually been in a brawl, 1) doesn't want to do it again, and 2) knows that you, the individual, are much better off with a weapon than without.  Generally speaking, a shotgun is best, a hand gun will work, as will a rifle.  But that's in general terms, and doesn't account for less than lethal violence, which is what we've got here.  In a case like this, the very first brawling style weapon to pick up is a baseball bat.  We aren't hitting home runs here, so very little skill is required.  Just wind up and swing at their knees.  When you connect, your opponent will drop and roll, screaming like a banshee.  As tempting as it is to admire your handiwork, ignore him (or her, or it) and nail another one.  Pretty soon, likely sometime after your second opponent falls to the cement with a shattered kneecap, you'll notice that people will be backing away from you.  This is in preparation for a full blown retreat, which Antifa has not had to do because - no one has come after them with a baseball bat!

Let a few of these Antifa thugs get a six weeks (in the hospital) beating.  See what happens, because I'm telling you the rest will quickly lose all interest in politics, protests, and Antifa.

And that is why the Left truly wants to head down this road.  They've never suffered a real loss.


Old NFO said...

One side note- the 'milkshakes' are actually toxic, in that the concrete is extremely acidic, and will literally put eyes out in minutes if it gets in the eye.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I think I posted recently that these Antifa attacks always occur in a gun free zone.
Gun free zones need to be ignored.
Andy Ngo should have been surrounded by hooded bodies, on the ground.
Then off tho SCOTUS.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I stopped reading Kim years ago when he said he was quitting blogging.

CWMartin said...

I am not near as eloquent as you are at beer time, so I will just say, Long Live Trippels! Er, I mean, batter up!

Glen Filthie said...

The Bayou Rennaissance Man has an equally good response to crap like this too. Don't be in stupid places with stupid people. Any 'protest' involving Pantifa is guaranteed to degenerate into a street brawl. If you play stupid games with stupid people - you will win stupid prizes. It's not worth getting hurt by some dimwit driven into a fury by the mob. The cops are in on it and will not help you.

For my two cents - the prime targets for any retribution should be the chief of police and his fart catchers. He is shirking his duty and betraying the people he is sworn to protect. That guy and his goons need to be afraid of we the people - not the other way around.

Mad Jack said...

Old NFO: Thanks, I was planning to mention that and it slipped my mind. He's absolutely correct. The milkshakes were laced with quick drying cement, which is toxic.

Ed: You got that right. Gun free zones are safe zones, right?

I think Kim du Toit took up blogging again shortly after his wife Connie passed away. He's at

CW: Here's how!

Glen: I've read his advice, and generally agree with him. Back in the 1960s I had the opportunity to protest, but generally passed it up. Why get tear gassed, hickory massaged, and thrown into the hoosegow when you can read about the whole thing in the news - and the protestors never accomplished a thing.