Wednesday, August 2, 2017

CCW Reciprocity and The Crime that is Never Reported

A relatively short time ago, Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Representative Richard Hudson, R-North Carolina, introduced the S.446 - Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.  The anti-freedom moonbats instantly had a severe mental breakdown, which was unfortunately cured by government funded mental health services, some involving primal scream therapy.

Here's the latest from Fox News: Concealed-handgun carry bill triggers pushback from coastal mayors, police chiefs

From the article:

Mayors and police in states like New York and California, which have relatively restrictive guns laws, are organizing against making concealed-handgun carry permits in one state valid in all states.

Earlier this year, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, which would allow individuals with concealed-carry privileges in their state of residence to exercise those rights in any other state while abiding by that state’s laws.
The controversial bill would thus function as does a driver’s license, where out-of-state operators can get behind the wheel in any state, though they must adhere to designated speed limits and signs of that jurisdiction, including obeying gun-free zones.
That first sentence should actually read, "Mayors in police states like New York and California, which have Draconian, unconstitutional gun laws..."  Austin, TX, by the way, is looking fruitier all the time as Moonbats from other states relocate to a much more pleasant environment, ignoring the reasons that the grass really is greener over there - they allow the hoi polloi to take better care of it over there.

I've long maintained that we, the mere civilians, shouldn't need any kind of license to carry a concealed weapon.  If a man feels the need to pack his gat, he should legally be able to carry in a manner that suits him.  Not everyone feels that way, and in fact many otherwise rational people continue to question my sanity, but that's the way it should work.

Of course, there are exceptions, but for the most part these exceptions are ridiculous and are based on a personal desire to be the only man with a gun.  In Ohio, the signs go up.  No guns allowed, accompanied by a silhouette of the ubiquitous automatic with the universal circle slash indicating the negative.  No.  No exceptions, except for police, government officials, the owner of the premises... pretty much that's it.  And this is where the CCW license should become important.

Holders of a CCW permit have passed a background check, they've been trained, and they have unneeded permission from the government to exercise their constitutional right to carry.  These people should ignore the sign and carry their pistol anyway.  Hospitals, schools, daycare, police stations, wherever.  It should be perfectly legal for them to carry their concealed weapons.

The only real exceptions to this that I could agree with are a person's private home or residence, as a man's home is his castle.  A courtroom, where the judge objects to carrying a weapon inside his courtroom.  The building is okay, the courtroom is the exception.  I'm undecided about commercial airline flights, as the stress of flying is a bit much these days.

When I'm not ignoring derisive, inflammatory comments from various anti-freedom zealots, I'm often asked why I carry and if I've ever had to pull my pistol out in self-defense.  As to have I ever, I'm not saying.  As to why, it's because of the crime that is never reported, and there are a lot of these.

Again, from the article:
“I will always remember the two times I was in serious danger of being mugged. I was on my way to work as a Secret Service Officer at the White House while I was in civilian clothes,” [Gary Byrne, a retired Secret Service officer] recalled. “As soon as I drew my firearm in defense of my life against the armed robbers, they turned tail.”

There you have it.  Consider that you are being stalked by a thug in a parking lot, in a store, wherever, and you demonstrate that you're armed.  The threat goes away.  Are you really going to report this?  I wouldn't.  Even if the police do catch the bad guy, and that's a big 'if', he'll just deny it.  Me, I'm satisfied to watch the back of his collar vanish into the distance.  They, like anyone else, doesn't want to get shot.

This reciprocity bill is long overdue.  Now maybe, with the Republicans in the House, we can get it passed and move on to dealing with the fallout from Chicago, NYC, and L.A.


Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---You and I are of similar mindsets regarding this (must be the similar age thing).
---I agree with you 100%. Why should we have to PAY for what the Constitution defines as our RIGHT?
Driving is a privilege...not owning and bearing a firearm. That has been a right since the Constitution was ratified and adopted by the fledgling USA.
---I will gladly take (and pass) ANY background check (with flying colors - NO arrests even, after 64 years!).
---Believe me, I've changed my way of thinking since moving to FTW, IN (1997) when I had a pistol pulled on me by a snot-nose (ethnic) punk that wouldn't pick the trash he dumped on my lawn when I (politely) ASKED him to.
That will NEVER happen again.
I WILL carry on my property without fear, but I would like to see the laws change to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed ANYWHERE and at ANY time without having to cough up over $100 for a "license".
I didn't know RIGHTS were regulated, anyway.

Very good post.

Roll safe out there.

Glen Filthie said...

Our version of the NRA did a real interesting article awhile back. Basically here's how it boiled down: if you get a mass shooting - especially one with vibrant and diverse victims? It's front page news. If a lawful citizen defends himself with a gun - it's not worth a story. Awhile back, some failed liberal social experiment went to a religious picnic with a duffel bag full of guns and high cap magazines. When he got his guns out to go on his spree - a lady nearby shot him in the chest three times and put him down. The story was on page 4 of the local rag sheet!

It isn't even a question. An armed citizenry is better for everyone other than criminals... and possibly gov't.