Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wakey Wakey!

Wakey wakey! Hand off snakey!

Some people have all the luck.  Loitering around a local graveyard, Sarah E. Lawrence happened to see an idling police car.  Upon closer examination, she found the occupants sawing wood.

Shotgun Cop

Driver's Side
Sarah posted the whole business on her FaceBook page, and in three seconds the pix went viral.  The pix were taken at St. Andrews Cemetery, 1701 Liberty Avenue, Richmond, Indiana.  You gotta hand to those Hoosiers, they sure have quiet graveyards and somewhat lax oversight of their local doughnut munchers.

From Indiana police officers caught sleeping in patrol car:

Police Chief Jim Branum said the department would launch an internal investigation into the matter, According to the Palladium-Item [commercial news media],
“Obviously, it’s not OK,” Branum told the Palladium-Item. “It’s certainly something that’s not encouraged. We’re aware of it and we’re going to launch an internal investigation and in all likelihood, there’ll be some discipline.”
Yeah, discipline.  Does anyone think this is the first time this has happened?

Now me, I'd have been sorely tempted to liven things up a little.

Chinese Firecrackers
Just place it carefully on the roof of the car, ignite the fuse, and run like the wind. 


What a blast!

I suppose a more serious question is what will happen to the two officers by way of disciplinary action?  Like any other job, if you're unfit for duty for any reason, you should inform your slave driver of such and take the day off.  Clearly, these two needed a little nap and are getting one.

If they're otherwise good employees, I wouldn't fire them over this, but they would get a dressing down that would leave welts and be assigned to scut work for the next six weeks.  I think the locker room needs a thorough cleaning, then you can start on the holding cells and interrogation areas.  After that, there's always plenty of filing to do.

These two will probably get time off without pay, which in my mind is no big deal.  All it amounts to is an unpaid vacation, which they can use to go fishing, paint the house, whatever.

I gather that the original pix have been deleted from Facebook.  Probably too much controversy for Sarah to cope with, and from what little I understand not everyone sees the humor and rough justice here.


Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---Not a damn thing wrong with rough justice...
Kinda reminds me of that shoe for the OTHER foot - NATURAL justice. (ask Frank Castle about that one...lol)
---Those officers would make good candidates to swab out the backs of the cage cars (that perps tend to chuck, crap or piss in)...,just a thought.
---Kudos to Sarah for being brave enough to walk up on the cruiser and snap the pics.
Lord only knows HOW they'd react if they were startled awake by a passerby IN NEED of a LEO...(hopefully, they wouldn't get shot).

Yeah, a good call on the carpet is in order.
Maybe that any unpaid LEAVE time could be used for some SACK time?

Stay safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

I was thinking about some kind of car washing duty for a while. Serve 'em right.

I think, were I in charge, I'd being the interview by asking them if they still wanted to be cops. Then I'd give them three days to think it over - without pay. If they showed up at roll call, we'd go over their new assignments in great detail.

I have no problem with someone who states that they are unfit for duty. The road of life has chuck holes in it, and you're bound to sprain an ankle now and again. I have a real problem with sleeping on the job.