Monday, August 14, 2017

Charlottesville, Peaceful Protesters, and Our Government

Two blogs that I read on a regular basis are Bayou Renaissance Man (Peter Grant) and Nobody Asked Me… (Old NFO).  Both wrote about the situation at Charlottesville, VA.  Peter wrote Racial and extremist violence in Charlottesville, VA, which I'm in disagreement with, and Old NFO posed a good question in Thoughts on Charlottesville…. Read them or not as it amuses you to do so.

Commercial media isn't covering the riot at Charlottesville with anything close to impartiality.  In point of fact, I haven't been able to find a single source on commercial media that lists the various groups of participants, all of whom showed up to peacefully protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, who was an exceptional officer and who distinguished himself in the Mexican-American war.  Lee graduated at the top of his class in the United States Military Academy, and later served as superintendent of that august installation.  Robert E. Lee served in the Confederate armed forces, which marks him as an enemy of the free people - at least, in the eyes of the BLMNBP, and a host of other moonbat extremists, none of whom could tell you when the civil war took place, where the major battles were fought, or why the North won.  It's for damned sure that none of them could tell you anything about the Mexican-American war, or even if Lee was in it.

Talking to my brothers Big Mike and California Dave last Sunday, one of us opined that a meme could have been started about Robert E. Lee during the Charlottesville unrest, although you'd have to do it right to be believed.  Simply get a black person, preferably an angry black male, to tell the people next to him that Lee was the one who shot Martin Luther King.  See how many believe it and start spreading this brand new insight into just why this statue of Robert E. Lee should be removed and destroyed.  In truth, we were only joking about fake news and rumors, but then it got to sounding just a little too realistic, and given the average IQ and education of the protestors... well, the smart money is on the new history.

So the government, for no particularly good reason, is going to remove the offending statue, which will make the moonbats deliriously happy and piss off the wingnuts no end.  Anyone with a decent education and the good sense the Lord gave an empty shoe box has already done a face-palm and three head-desks, wondering just who the hell thought it was a good idea to allow someone as dumb as these people are to govern themselves.

Be all that as it may, on protest day the wingnuts, having obtained a protest permit, polished up their knuckledusters and oiled their blackjacks, then assembled for a peaceful protest.  The militant moonbats just happened to show up.  No one knows just how or why, they just kind of ambled into town, and - surprise, surprise! - they happened to bring their rubber hoses and peaceful protest costumes with them.  To top things off, it turns out that the local police had orders to stand down and let the two sides have at it.  Then the two groups joined hands and started singing Kumbaya.

This is where Old NFO posed a very good question, which I'm unabashedly stealing from him and repeating here:

What if [Virginia Governor Terry] McAuliffe actually wanted the confrontation to happen?

Assemble two groups that are guaran-damn-teed to attack each other on sight, order the cops to stand down and have the National Guard at the ready some miles away.  Watch what happens, then take advantage of it somehow.

Here's what I found on the news today: Gov. McAuliffe wants Virginia to be national leader to ‘combat hatred and bigotry’
From the article:
“The events of this weekend have only strengthened our resolve to combat hatred and bigotry, and I want Virginia to be a leader in the national conversation about how we move forward,” he [McAuliffe] wrote. “I have directed my team to impanel a commission with representatives from community organizations, faith leaders, and law enforcement to make actionable recommendations for executive and legislative solutions to advance our mission of reconciliation, unity, and public safety.”

Emphasis mine. 

Translation: We're going to waste more time making more laws that take freedom away from the people while simultaneously giving more authority to the government, because clearly the violent, fascist, conservatives on the right can't be trusted with freedom.  And I, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, moonbat extraordinaire, will look good in the process and get reelected.

I'm thinking this will mean higher taxes, but I may be wrong about that.

I'm also thinking that Old NFO nailed it right dead center in the bull's eye.  Good job, sir, and here's a tip of the old fedora and a hoist of my afternoon bourbon glass to you.


CWMartin said...

McAuliffe can now bitch all he wants about Trump and GOP "hate groups", stand on the "moral high ground" safe in the assumption the media won't look any deeper into him, and work on that "running for President" speech. The Dems are so glaringly easy to manipulate, an eggplant-level intelligence would be offended by such an obvious tactic.

Old NFO said...

Thank you sir.

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
Now THAT was some exemplary commentary both on your part as well as those other bloggers you cited.
Could this have indeed been a "contrived" event?
It's a very good possibility, and for the reasons mentioned (here).
I've been to the Lee-Custis (now Arlington) House, been to Gettysburg, and been to West Point. I'm one of "those" people who takes time to read history, learn history, and know history.
I appreciate our history, good or bad and understand WHY things occurred as well as the outcomes.
What I take away from any and all these statues is that they are memorials to VETERANS of OUR country, and the federal government recognized confederate soldiers AS veterans (Public Law 810).
But from the same pens that write such laws come those you mention that WILL waste more time and money.
If we're not careful, we'll wind up with the type of government the extremists want, if for one reason alone:
"What we allow is what will continue".
Our freedom and liberty is at stake, and none of these protests do a damn thing to PRESERVE either one. Quite the opposite.

Excellent post.

Stay safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

eggplant-level intelligence
I like it. I'm lifting this one for use later on. I'll bet I can step on someone's toes with it.

"What we allow is what will continue"
Exactly, and it's been continuing for years. Can you just imagine anyone being able to get away with this pseudo law making crap right after WWII?

You're quite welcome, Old NFO.