Friday, April 20, 2018

Hate Crime in Sylvania and Equality

This just in via Toledo Talk and The Blade of Toledo.

A notepad with a crude drawing of a swastika and a hate message was allegedly discovered in the cabin of an official city vehicle.  When the information was released, a cloud of moonbats rose into the sky intent on revenge.

Keep reading for a politically incorrect and insensitive opinion on the story and find out why I'm sick to death of white people getting blamed for everything.

From the local bird cage liner: Swastika, racial slur drawn on notepad left in city vehicle

City officials are investigating a drawing of a swastika and racial slur left on a notepad in a city work vehicle used by multiple employees.
“It is particularly troubling for all of us in city leadership that a swastika and racial slur was found written on a notepad in a city vehicle,” Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said in a written statement Thursday. “We are investigating and rest assured, we will find out who did this and we will take strong action.”

Here's a picture of the drawing in question:

Primitive Art

From the article in The Blade:
Councilman Yvonne Harper, [a black female moonbat who can open her mouth and make her head disappear - MJ] who represents District 4, said she was alerted to the incident Wednesday and that it came as “no surprise” to her.
“I have been talking about this behavior on Toledo City Council openly — somehow this culture is reaching to us even more boldly as it is in the United States that seems to be acceptable; since City of Toledo, Ohio has history of repeatedly ignoring this type of behavior,” she wrote Wednesday to the mayor’s office and her fellow council members. “What I mean is we talk about it; we get upset and have a few meetings and then it dies down.”
And the reason nothing happens is because there's nothing there.

Hate speech is hate speech, neither more nor less.  If this were an equally crude picture of an X with the caption I Hate Honkies, nothing would happen.  The paper would be unceremoniously thrown away and that would be the end of it, which is fitting.  But it isn't.  It's all about professional victims, and I'm wondering if it's a set up.  We'll see what, if anything, the local government of Toledo, Ohio turns up when they complete their investigation.  I'm thinking 2025, but maybe not.

Note that Yvonne Harper had to open her big fucking mouth and throw as much gasoline on the fire as she could on such short notice.  Harpy has a somewhat checkered past, and if she were white she would have been fired and blacklisted long ago.  Check out the article from The Blade as it amuses you to do so.

Harper’s records reveal conflicts

In October, 2009, Ms. Harper objected to being assigned to pepper-spray training with only other black court employees and a Jewish employee. A letter written by Chief Bailiff Dave Baz detailed Ms. Harper’s objections.
“I reminded those [who] were scheduled for pepper spray training in the afternoon,” Mr. Baz wrote to then-Court Administrator Pam Roberts. “Bailiff Harper disrupted the meeting and interjected that the training for today was for ‘black folk.’ Bailiff Harper continued to interject more negative/?hostile comments stating she had a problem with how only ‘three blacks, a Jew, and the white master’ were going to today’s training.”
Just as soon as she made the 'white master' comment, she should have been thrown out, and I mean literally.  There are things and people in this world that shouldn't be tolerated, and Harpy is one of them.

If the fatheads at One Government Center really wanted to make a difference, they'd run an undercover investigation designed to find discrimination against anyone, nonperformance (loafing) on the job, and blatant incompetence.  In six months time I think it's likely an investigation like that could tie the court system up for ten years.  Long enough for the current elected weasels to retire to a foreign country or quietly expire from alcohol and drug abuse.  If they elected idiots were sincere, a large part of that investigation would be designed to uncover people in positions of authority that were abusing their authority to the detriment of the entire... okay, find the assholes.  There's always a few.  Identify them and get rid of them.  Larry Sykes is a given, but busting Sykes is like shooting a sitting duck.  It's fine if you're hungry and you only shoot one or two.

None of this will happen, of course. Like I said earlier, I think this is a set up.  The paper was left for someone to find and go nuts over.  Me, I'm sick and tired of government at all levels giving insignificant crap like this attention it doesn't deserve.


Glen Filthie said...

For the record, I didn't do it - but you'd be correct to suspect it!

I'm sorry (wait - no I'm not)... But I hate niggers too. They keep doing stupid things and blaming Whitey, and I ain't doing PC any more. I'll respect black people but I will not respect niggers. Or the moinbats that enable and encourage them.

CWMartin said...

I understand what Glen is getting at. My dad worked with a black guy at IH Ft Wayne for years. He used to tell my dad all the time, "Woody, it's not the blacks, it's the G_ D_ N_s." True then, true now. You can be a productive, caring human being, or you can be a hate spewing thug. "They shall know you by your fruit". People like Harper are no better than any other hate monger.

Mad Jack said...

Glen: Your name came up, but some resident intellectual pointed out that you live somewhere North of the border, which makes it unlikely that you're the alleged culprit. Besides, everyone knows that English is a third language for the Canuks.

CW: Some years ago we were at the Michigan State Fair, and one of the horse trainers we knew stayed in a motel close to the fair grounds. It was a pretty rough area back then, and he only stayed one night, preferring to sleep with the horses rather than risk another night in the King's Court Motel - Waterbeds! Charlie was black, and his comment about the area was, "I don't see how those people live like that!"

Those people, you know. No one thought of Charlie as being anything except Charlie, an accomplished horseman, nice guy, solid man. He was one of the very few horse trainers my father sought advice from, and in fact might have been the only trainer my father asked for advice. I remember one night we had a mare that wouldn't load into the trailer, and we were up until 1:30 in the morning trying to get this damned horse to load. Charlie happened by and got her loaded right away - he put a driving harness on her and drove her into the trailer from the ground. Charlie was head and shoulders above everyone else.

Mad Jack said...

I'm sorry (wait - no I'm not)...

I hear you, and I'm not sorry either. I'm sick of it.

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---I can tell you FIRST-HAND that I have become (very) well acquainted with the DIFFERENCES between blacks and n*99e*s.
---I went to school with good people of color...worked with good people of color, went to church with good people of color, and had good people of color show up to my parents respective funerals...NONE of them were the latter of the two!
---What I have living around me TODAY are government-sponsored, self-declared "entitleists" (my of the new privileged class who hate ANYTHING and ANYONE they can find and have a handful of race cards waiting to be played at the drop of same baggy pants.
The GOOD part to all this is that the BAD blacks can be spotted a MILE away.
---And, if you had any doubts, when they open their mouths, you DEFINITELY know where they're coming from.
It's called "BLACKTITUDE" (Larry Elder lexicon).
---I can only imagine what goes through the minds of all the GOOD blacks out there when they have to (constantly) hear and see this nonsense from their OWN people..
The low-information (by choice) blacks have turned Dr. King's dream into a ffriggin' nightmare.
This has to stop now, before it gets much worse.
We were actually better off back in the 70s with race relations. It's gone downhill since.

Very good post and comments.

Roll safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

You nailed it, Bob. Of course, we can't say any of this out loud or we'll be excoriated as being racist - no matter how true it is.