Thursday, April 19, 2018

SJWs - Kick 'em When They're Down

Moonbat Alert! Moonbat Alert! Eject! Eject! Eject!

I short time ago I wrote a blog post about the Starbust Kerfluffle. Read it here as it amuses you to do so.  My post attracted a moonbat (I have no idea how she found her way here, believe me.  I suppose she might have had one white wine too many and wandered into the Men's by mistake) and she left a little hate mail for me. I decided to fisk it because, well, I can.  And I'm a bit tired of the yammering without a few people shouting back - even if it's no more than shut the fuck up out there!

I don't agree with you that they were in any way trespassing.
I'll give you a quarter. You can call someone who actually gives a shit.

They told them they were waiting for a friend. When the friend got there they would order coffee.
You have no proof that any of the three would have ordered anything.  I'm betting they had no intention of buying anything at Starbucks. What they wanted was to use the restroom, occupy space, and meet with a business associate.  The three of them could then go somewhere else to have their business meeting.
Would you like to know why I think this is true?  That's a rhetorical question, by the way.  This is my first thought - anyone else, every other customer, would have ordered, then sat down.  These two didn't because they had no intention of ordering anything at all, ever.

If these had been white people this wouldn't have happened.
Bullshit. That's a lie, and you, Madam, are a liar.

You aren't hated because you are white...
I have been in the past, and I will be in the future.  I can live with it, believe me.  When I was young and had no money, I was forced to live in the ghetto.  The blacks in the next apartment hated me because I was white.  I have also been discriminated against because I'm a white male, and because I'm straight (heterosexual), and a Christian.  If you haven't, it's because you've never ventured outside your pristine little neighborhood where everyone is safely upper middle class and would never dream of playing ear splitting rap music at 3:30 AM on a Tuesday.  There's nothing like hearing black people chant about how much fun it is to kill white people, or make some white woman his bitch, or kill cops, all at 3:30 AM, and you have to be awake at 6:00 AM to go to work.
They, those people, the residents of the ghetto, would have gleefully raped and killed you (or anyone like you) just for walking down the street at night.  The only reason the left me alone was because they thought I was armed and dangerous. I, by the way, was going to college and working at the time.

The manager was wrong...
The manager did the right thing and was fired for it.  If there's any justice in Philadelphia, he'll move into a better position in a few days.  I know I'd hire him in the New York minute and dare the moonbats to boycott my business.

And now I dare you to drive your car through what you deem a bad neighborhood and let's see if you get pulled over. Wanna make a bet?
Sure, and I'll give you odds.  Since, you know, it's already happened.

Yep, you're old I get it, you have old ideas. Your time has passed my friend and it has nothing to do with age, just mentality.
Sadly, I'm afraid you may have something here. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Let's consider a few of my old, outdated values and ideas.

I support the Bill of Rights, including the Later Amendments. Of course, these are all old ideas and beliefs, so I guess we should simply dispose of them and the people who support them.

On August 6, 1945 the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. When that didn't achieve the desired result, we dropped another atomic bomb on Nagasaki.  Emperor Hirohito surrendered, thus ending the war.
I support the use of atomic weapons against Japan during WWII.  The U.S. brought the war to a definitive close.

Unit 731, where 3000 prisoners were killed by slow torture, and the perpetrators officially pardoned.
I will never forgive the people who gave the Japanese immunity for their war crimes in Unit 731 and similar units.  For their actions, I'd cheerfully drop a third atomic bomb on Japan and tell the inhabitants exactly why it was dropped.

I support the civil rights bill of 1964.  Note that this bill was filibustered by the Democrats, and ultimately passed with only 63% of the Democrats being in favor of the bill, while 80% of the GOP supported the bill and voted to pass it.  But again, this is an old idea, so we should just get rid of the entire civil rights concept.  Surely, since someone like me supports it, it's no good.

I supported the Vietnam War protestors during the infamous Democratic Convention of 1968, where 10,000 demonstrators lined up against 23,000 police and National Guardsmen.  The cause?  You were old enough to go to war in Vietnam, but not old enough to vote.  Again, old news, old ideas, old concepts.

And finally, this:

If you think this is a right or left issue you are the problem.
If I'm part of the problem, you may rest assured that I'm proud to do my part. This is about two parasites and the spectacular failure of upper management to support their own decisions, along with the yammering of commercial news media and other useless groups, such as Black Lives Matter.

This entire business with Starbucks is crazy, and not just a little crazy.  The is real, genuine, running down the street in your jockstrap with a pencil sharpener in each hand and singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall crazy.  Sadly, this craziness has gone on far too long and has been ignored.  It's past time for the conservatives to respond effectively, by attacking the opposition to sanity in the same way they attack us - scream at them, attack them, take no prisoners.  Do not apply reason or logic to the Left - as you can see, it does no good.  Attack them openly, and when they attack an allie, join in on the defensive attack.


CWMartin said...

Standing Ovation! Like I said in my comment, she would have struggled to find more ways to be wrong...

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---I gotta run with Chris get my well-deserved applause as well.
---I had 2 members of my former family in the PPD...good people and don't do anything without a good reason.

Excellent post and retort by yourself. Kudos!

Roll safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks gents. All support duly noted and appreciated.