Monday, April 16, 2018

Patience is a Virtue

Ever since I was a little shaver, I was taught that patience is a virtue.  I never knew what a virtue was, exactly, nor did I discover patience until I was a good deal older and discovered that pounding on the back door with a hammer was not the preferred way to get the latch to engage.  Telling my father that he pounded on stuff to get it to work didn't help the situation any.

I saw this on fuckbook, and naturally the comments attached to it were pretty much what you'd expect from a crowd of SJWs, Snowflakes, and LGBTs all huddled together in their safe space.

Anyone who has driven a manual transmission for any length of time can spot a newbie at 100 yards.  The car stalls out when they try to take off, they rev the engine to five grand before letting out the clutch and stall out again, or they squeal the tires unintentionally.  Put them on a slight grade and they go nuts, especially when they stall the car out again on the grade, and have to keep one foot on the gas, one foot on the clutch, and one foot on the brake... well, most of the people reading this hound of a blog have been there and done that.  All I can say for myself is that I didn't burn out the clutch.

I've always had a good deal of patience with the new-to-a-stick crowd.  Everyone has to learn sometime, and it isn't always easy.  All that said, here are a few signs that might be seen in the back window of certain drivers who shouldn't be allowed outside the county without a keeper.  I've never seen any of these, but I should have.

"Angry with everyone, especially blood-sucking ex-wife."
"All screwed up on wine and pills."
"Work sucks pond scum, boss is a jerk, I am armed."
"Psychotic and off my meds."
"I'm just having fun."
"Busy with cell phone right now."
"Kids on board, and they're acting like chimpanzees at feeding time."
"Don't like my driving? Shove it where the sun don't shine."
"It's the asshat in front of me."
"Tailgate - if you want a repair bill, a moving violation, and a red hot .45 slug in your intestines."
"Back off jack off."
"This is bat country!"

And my own personal favorite:

"Do you believe in life after death?  Keep tailgating and find out for sure."

In other news, the Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Washington Capitols 5-4 in overtime.  I had a great time watching the game with Big Mike and Lash at a local watering hole.  We went to Roosters Wings which has good wings, great service, and a fair TV selection. They could use a few more giant screen TVs, but that's a very minor complaint and hardly worth mentioning.


Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---I totally agree.
As to that "list"?
I had NO idea you knew who ALL our "neighbors" are, but congrats to finding them and calling them what they really
Have to admit I've felt some of those ways a few times having to "deal" with them.

(btw, I know HOW to drive a stick, but never got comfy with big bother there).
I did watch that Blue Jackets game (live in Columbus fr a year back in the lid-late '90s...never KNEW they had a PRO hockey team (they were trying soccer at the time).
Always good to see an O/T win!
Anyone who can beat anyone from D.C. proper gets MY vote...!

Roll safe out thee.

Mad Jack said...

I know what you mean, Bob. The only valid argument I've ever heard for gun control are that half the people on the road actually have no business being in control of an automobile.