Sunday, July 7, 2019

Plight of the Children and Others

I saw this on... okay, somewhere.  I think it's incredibly stupid, and for any of you who want to know why I find it incredibly stupid, keep reading.  The rest of you can keep surfing.

Did You Know?

2.7 million children have one or more parents in prison, which means that the children are not living with a criminal.  Is that so bad?

400,000 children are in foster care; their home life was so bad that the State finally stepped in and provided a temporary solution to what is very likely a permanent problem.  Do you have the slightest idea how bad things have to get before the foster care system will actually take action?

765,000 children are separated from one or both parents who are in the military, and don't know if they'll see their parents again.  Which is true in some cases, but much less so in others.  Case in point, it takes a minimum of three soldiers to put one soldier on the front line, and that's dealing with the bear necessities.  This figure is inflated, and most importantly, the parents made this choice for the children - they knew, right up front, what the situation would be before they decided to have children.

The media focuses on 2000 children separated from their illegal immigrant parents, which is what sells papers.  Again, the truth is that the 'parents' aren't even accompanying their so-called children.  The kids are being used to help criminals enter the United States, and right here I'm going to mention human trafficking.  The commercial media never covers the human trafficking that is happening right now across the border between the United States and Mexico.  Mexico isn't doing a damned thing about it, dumping the entire problem on the U.S.


CWMartin said...

Good catch. Sometimes we get so caught up in the numbers game, we throw them up w/o seeing the consequences.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks CW.