Friday, February 4, 2011

My Life: I'm pissed

I'm officially pissed off. Main Lady's cat Emma didn't make it out of surgery, which I blogged about here. Main Lady was very upset about the whole thing, and given the situation and the season - the ground is frozen solid around here - she elected to have the cat cremated with the intent of burying the ashes in the spring.

So today Main Lady went over to the vet's office to pick up the ashes, which they handed her along with a bill for $1,200. That's right, one thousand two hundred dollars. You know, I wouldn't expect to walk out of there for no cost at all, but to hand the vet a healthy cat and get handed back a dead cat, then get charged $1,200 for the failed effort just isn't quite right.


Stephanie Lorée said...

Umm, do you mind sharing the name of this vet office so I can avoid it? I mean, I can understand paying for the medicines and treatments they did attempt, but $1,200 is outrageous. Pixie's operation and subsequent death resulted in a $300-ish bill, which I thought reasonable.

Mad Jack said...

I'm still considering, but my inclination is to let this incident be forgotten. This isn't for me so much as it's for Main Lady, who is still grieving over the loss of her little cat and who would doubtless get caught up in the fallout.