Friday, February 11, 2011

Worthy Read

Flask is building a snow house that I think she'll eventually divide into apartments and rent by the week to any ne'er do wells who happen to fall off the Southbound freight train. I read about it here and Flask includes a video of the work in progress. It's worth seeing. Anyway, as I nosed around I found a link to an absolutely hilarious site: Hyperole and a Half: Wolves. My sense of humor is a little out of sync with the rest of the world (I find TV sitcoms irritating and inane) and I found this site enjoyable and funny. Take a look at Wolves.

Meanwhile, South of the border that irreverent, irascible coiner of curmudgeonly phrases goes on a rampage about the situation in Egypt - read about it here. Here's an excerpt:
England is a pathetic and usually wet has-been islet with delusions of significance, brandishing a bath-tub navy like a moldering codpiece of shriveled content; its soldiers, sepoys of America; its government a puppet licking the boots of Washington like a decaying harem eunuch.
Another man whose rants and ramblings regularly consume a portion of my allotted bandwidth is Beat and Release. Read his latest post: My Shameful Confession and offer him a solution and a few words of encouragement.

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flask said...

oh! that's sweet of you to say!

well, after the big bucket loader thing, the architecture has changed a little, but a lot of the plan is the same.

the tunnel has just gotten to the point that it's risen above the ground far enough that i can see dim light through the wall, because i'm up over the steps and the wall isn't much more than a foot or two thick.

today is going to be a big digging day.