Thursday, May 10, 2018

Boredom, Ennui, and a Plan for the Future

I'm really bored.  Inspiration just hasn't hit me this evening.

I was reading on the Internet in some Fuckbook writer's group that the preferred formatting for a sentence structure consists of a period and two spaces, not just one.  This is true for all sentences and punctuation marks, including the oft needed but never used interrobang.  This should be often seen as the terminus of the ubiquitous WTF abbreviation.  Like I just did - see?

Meanwhile, I suffer.

Warning - the rest of this rant spares no ones feelings, political views, or anything else.  We use cookies to track readers.  Your mileage may vary, in fact it's almost a sure thing if you're driving like you usually do.

I know!  I'm going to develop ludomania, then tie it to a solid opioid addiction.  This is so me, right?  And in the meantime, just to keep things from getting dull, I'm going to see about contracting a nice case of E coli otherwise known as Escherichia coli.

I would have thought that the CDC, as funded by our government, would have gotten this E.coli problem treed, but that's not what's on the news.  The warning flag about lettuce and E.coli is still flying, and cases are spreading all over the place.  If you watch commercial media, you may notice that many more important and newsworthy items are crowding the front page - like Stormy the porn queen, Obongo's wife calling herself the forever first lady (man, that broad is ugly.  I mean uglier than the back end of a Mexican bus type ugly.), and whatever the little high school anti-freedom snot from Florida is up to.  But our health?  Not so much.

When I was young, I wasn't all that particular about what I ate and where.  Then I came down with food poisoning and was sick for two weeks, and I mean sick.  My fever spiked and I started hallucinating.  Back then I happened to be living with Migraine One, and the little twist was incensed that I'd have the temerity to get deathly ill the very weekend that she was supposed to be out doing something or other - I forget just what.

This E.coli business is food poisoning on steroids.  You won't see it coming until it's holy shit too late time.  You'll be down for the count and no one needs that, what with healthcare being what the moonbats wanted.

Skip the Romaine lettuce.  Use spinach instead.  Have a drink and enjoy life.  Me, I'm going to take my videos back and get a sandwich at Subway - no lettuce, please.



CWMartin said...

Rather be bored than down with the green plague. I get the impression that Migraine One was a bit self-absorbed, huh?

Mad Jack said...

Self-absorbed isn't the word for it. Migraine One is neurotic with psychotic episodes and a drinking problem. Looking in my rear view mirror, I think she may have believed that the world revolved around her, personally. These days, who knows. She's convinced that she has Fibromyalgia, so she's generally tanked on pain killers and wine. Whee!

When President Trump defeated the evil Hitlery in the last election, Herself screamed bloody murder at me, non-stop for a solid 15 minutes by my watch. Apparently Hitlery was supposed to win, but thanks to my efforts the unspeakable evil arisen from the Stygian depths of the second ring of Hades won, and now we're all going to die slowly by some unspecified method.

I knew I was good, but the election? I don't know. If she says it, it must be true. Right?

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---I guess what cheese me off with this whole E.coli crap is that everyone is always saying "eat healthy", and then we find out that a LO of this healthy stuff has bacterial contaminants cropping up every other moth.

Screw that...pass the pizza and Guinness!

As to those who think the universe revolves around them...well, maybe some day they'll GET to that center, and NOT find themselves staring back (rude awakening time, albeit after the fact)

Carry on & stay safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

I'm with you, Bob. Double cheese and pepperoni, please.