Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Origins 2018 and the SJWs

It's official.  Origins Game Fair 2018 advertised Larry Correia as an official guest of honor, then rescinded their offer.  So far as I can tell, this troubles Larry about as much as a sky rat nailing John Ward during his lunch at the Club Columbus outdoor Jacuzzi.

Keep reading for a politically insensitive diatribe about the latest SJW attack and why it shouldn't go unchallenged.

For those of you who don't know him or who haven't read his work, Larry Correia is a best selling author who was born and raised in El Nido, California.  He holds a first degree black belt in the ancient art of Portuguese Shovel Fighting, has been a firearms instructor, and initiated the Sad Puppies voting campaign.  I've never met Mr. Correia, and so know him only by reputation.

This morning I stumbled across this little gem, although I can't remember just how.  It seems that shortly after resident jellyfish John Ward invited Correia as a guest of honor, the local cigar smokers and rug munchers pitched a billy-be-damned hissy fit, calling Correia every vile name they could think of and accusing him of crimes against nature - which is the absolute epitome of hypocrisy in one sense, and nothing but a pack of defamatory lies in another sense.  But what do you expect from the SJW crowd.

Here's what Larry had to say about the whole thing.

Statement Concerning My Being Disinvited as the Guest of Honor for Origins Game Fair by Larry Correia on May 15, 2018

From the blog post:

So I’m no longer the writer guest of honor at origins. My invitation has been revoked. It was the usual nonsense. Right after I was announced as a guest some people started throwing a temper tantrum about my alleged racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever (of course, with zero proof or actual examples), and the guy in charge (John Ward) immediately folded. He didn’t even talk to me first. He just accepted the slander and gave me the boot in an email that talked about how “inclusive” they are. I actually heard about it on facebook before I even saw the email.

Oh well.
Which I'm somewhat happy to hear.  Another blogger picked the story up and ran with it,

Another SJW win… by OldNFO on 2018/05/16

From the blog post:
Depending on how far back you want to go, there have been a number of authors, fanzine proprietors, and conservatives ‘dis-invited’ from a number of different conventions, speaking engagements, etc.

In the last year or so, it was Orson Scott Card. A month or so ago, it was John Ringo. Yesterday it was Larry Correia. Who will it be next month? Sarah Hoyt? Michael Z. Williamson? S. M. Sterling? You? Me? Well, not me, I’m so far down the author food chain I’ll be dead before they ever get that far down…
Don't speak too soon.  Yes, it could easily be you.  Hell, it could certainly be me, given the opinion pieces I write.

The spineless jellyfish in question is John Ward, GAMA organizer.  He makes the usual claims and excuses, but what I suspect is actually going on starts with a coincidence, which I encountered last year.

You see, the fags and the dykes are running their annual aren't we special holiday and parade (Gay Pride June 15 - 17) during the Origins Game Fair, June 13 - 17.  My first thought is that I don't care.  My only objection is that the assholes tie up the street with their silly fucking parade so that people who are attending the Origins convention can't cross the street to the convention center.  Then I got to thinking about it.  The screaming queens and diesel dykes don't attend Origins.  Any gays that do attend are every bit as welcome (or not) as anyone else.  Case in point, do you act like a dick?  No?  You're perfectly welcome to game with any of us.  So now I'm thinking about Ward, and I'm wondering if he's a closet case.  Because right now, that really seems likely to me.

There's also the white thing.  I don't see any blacks, Mexicans, or PRs going to Origins.  Ward talks about diversity, and how Origins must be diverse.

Diverse how?

More fat people?  Skinny people?  Tall people?  Short people?  Hawaiians, maybe?  Because I've never seen a genuine, grass skirt wearing Hawaiian at Origins, ever.  How about Italians, Germans, Puerto Ricans, Irish, Scottish, Polish, Russian, Afrikaaner, Dutch, or Inuit?

We for damned sure don't have enough Inuits at Origins.  Something must be done!

Then there's smart people, famous people, average people (we may have those, but who knows for sure?), and stupid people.  Okay, all you have to do is look at the organizer to discover that Origins has enough stupid people involved.

I say this in all sincerity to John Ward, GAMA organizer: Fuck you.  Larry Correia makes the world around him a better place to live in, and you maligned him.  You banned him from your amateur convention on the strength of lies told to you by the moral dregs of society.  Get cancer and die in the gutter, you no good son of a two dollar whore.

I'm hoping that other notable bloggers will write about this latest injustice and do a little damage to the Origins convention.


Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---When we lived in Columbus, we actually went to ORIGINS once...pretty good stuff there (once upon a time, apparently).
---A DAMN SHAME that it's DEVOLVED into the 10th layer of PCBS hades.
---And yes, I've heard of Larry Correia (also never met him, though).
---What you describe by the "locals" (SJW) is a real "WTF???" moment for me.
I think you made a great call with your's well-deserved, considering the douchebags running...I mean RUINING Origins.


Stay safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

The vendors at Origins are vendors and nothing more or less. They often have good quality merchandise and are worth seeing. The events depend entirely on the group running them. Some are really worth playing, others - not so much. I've been hosed a few times on events, but then I've also hit it big with a few. The Nuclear War tournament is always worth playing.

People who have met Larry Correia all say he's a good sort, friendly, helpful, and an accomplished individual. I've never met him, but I'd like to.

I'd like to see a GoFundMe page to file a lawsuit against the organizer of Origins. I'd also like to see an alternate convention open up.

Glen Filthie said...

I’m not a gamer or SF geek. Gave it up when it fell to the queers and cultural fascists. That’s what should have been done here. If guys like Larry aren’t welcome because of politics... welp.... mebbe guys like us should give it a miss.

Personally I’ve only found one way to deal with SJW’s and that is to exclude them from my life. Most of them are deeply unhappy people with some serious chips on their shoulders and the best thing to do is just walk away. I’ve watched Larry - I’m a fan of the man, rather than his novels - and he’s treated those people (the queers, degenerates, leftists) well. They turned on him and treated him like chit in return. It happened to me in my progressive liberal family too. After a lifetime watching them I know how they work: they will attack you out of nowhere, accuse you of the most vile things... and if ya say anything and fight back they play the victim and try and lay a guilt trip on you. It works too. For awhile.

I avoid that sort altogether. They aren’t worth my time.