Friday, May 11, 2018

Software Design, 101

The troubles with software design are legion, and are most often perpetuated by borderline idiots from the butterfly department who couldn't find their - well, click for more.

Narrowing my rant to a manageable area, which could be described as narrow at best, I've always had a hard spot with the infamous Yes/No/Okay screen.  I never find the option I'm looking for.  Consider the following screen:

Pick One!

Note that the prompt for instant alerts offers two choices, neither of which give me warm fuzzy feelings.  I can choose the default YES! or the non-negative Remind Me Later.  I don't want either one.

Here are the choices that should be added to this and similar screens:
  • No
  • No and Don't Ask Me Again
  • Not Just No, But Hell No
  • No and Fuck Off
  • Fuck Off and Die
  • Die In A Fire

How do I get these added to the Official Windoze Standard?


Anonymous said...

Every time I get an instant popup from a Windoze help site asking me if this page was useful, I reply "How would I know, I haven't read it yet".

CWMartin said...

I do a lot of Opinion Outpost surveys to get cheap stuff on Amazon. One choice I always wished they'd put on the demographics favorite question- are you Hispanic or Latino- was "hell no".

Bob G. said...

Mad Jack:
---Calling this stuff "legion" is (to me) a bit on the soft side...
It annoys the hell outta me (and that's on a GOOD day).

I also really like YOUR choices,
(makes telling them off a LOT easier (you'd think).

As for BLOCKINGH popups? Well, the "popup-blocker" is about as useful as tits on a bull. That goes for most software these days.
There are a few programs that live up to their hype, but not many.
Tech isn't making life better (easier to a small degree, perhaps)...just more overly complicated.
You got something that WORKS...KEEP IT (don't change it).

But, it's not like I used to work with computer systems back in the 70s...(oh, wait...I DID, and they were a lot more "manageable" in the private sector).
How things have changed since.

Stay safe out there.

Mad Jack said...

Thanks guys.

The advantage of UNIX used to be that the platform was extremely stable, hadn't been subjected to a lot of change ever, and all the bugs in the system were known. But Windoze? It was never stable, constantly changing for the sake of change, and older versions are unsupported.

I remember when the DOJ fined Micro$oft one million US dollars a day for contempt of court. Gates wrote 'em and cheque and stopped taking their calls. The government failed to realize how much money was available, and by the time they did it was too late.