Monday, February 27, 2023

Feeling Better

 I admit I was feeling a little blue for the past few days.  A kind of 'down in the dumps' feeling.  Then I read the Old NFO's blog and cheered right up.


Posted on 2023/02/27 by OldNFO

The poor old geezer has grandchildren who have come for a fun filled visit, along with their parents.  Right out of the box they take advantage of the snow and got worn out snowboarding.

Sigh… The grand’s dad took them snowboarding at the VERY hilly golf course day before yesterday and wore their butts out… THEY slept in yesterday morning, but the pups were whining and scratching at the door at 0600 as usual… Kids got pancakes and bacon for ‘brunch’ when they finally rolled out about 1000. PP is doing better, but arm is still hurting. And snow is melting, but they are now calling for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Oh joy, oh joy…

The dogs are up and at 'em at six in the morning.  The grands sleep until ten, then get pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  The snow is melting - Yes! Yes! - but we're going to have a lot more of the cold white stuff tonight and tomorrow - cue shouts of joy from the kids and barking enthusiasm from the hounds.  And so...

Fast forward a day- The kids slept in again, the dogs didn’t… And the kids wore me AND the dogs out.

I see a pattern developing here.  I'm also wondering just how much of this Old NFO can stand.  He's not the man he once was - fifty or so years ago.

And then, the corker.

Now they’ve cancelled school for tomorrow… Sigh…




I love it.  No school, so we get to play in the snow all day with the old guy and the dogs!

Welcome to the Golden Years, Old NFO!


CWMartin said...

They wear ya out at ANY age! But that's the fun part.

Glen Filthie said...

Glad ya feelin better Jack!

Stay outta the dumps! 👍

Gerry said...

Spring tonic time according to my memory of Granny Clampett.

Feel better!