Saturday, September 16, 2023

Order Up!

 Unlike most of my contributions to the canon of western literature, this post will do nothing more that irritate, incense, and annoy the anti-freedom idiots who truly believe that owning an AR-15 is akin to burning not-a-president Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. in effigy while wearing a MAGA hat, singing The Star Spangled Banner, and donating to the President Donald Trump Reelection Fund.

That's a tall order, but I'm betting I could pull it off.

I got a box in the mail the other day, but I've put off opening it, mainly because I was certain of what was in it.  So - here we go with an unpacking series.

My Unpacking Knife

Pip Squeak Supervises

Ah-HA!  Ammo!

My Order

I'll hand it to Ammo Man - they delivered right away, and this is my order.  Now I have to wait for Big Mike to get home, as he's off on some kind of whacked out Daniel Boone type trip involving four wheel drive vehicles, an off-road map, a specially designed Garmin unit, and at least one semi-functional idiot.

Actually, the man isn't an idiot.  He just doesn't think things through too often.

I plan to take Betsy, my 1911 Springfield Mil-Spec, and Big Nose Kate, my Springfield V-16 Long Slide.  Both of these pistols will eat anything.  Especially Betsy, a pistol that's never failed to bust the cap and cycle.

Some of you may wonder if I can actually work the butterfly knife, and the answer is a resounding affirmative.  Big Mike bought one years ago, so I bought one too, along with the rest of the guys.  I taped the blade and practiced, and I can still perform the basic moves.  I've got a double edged butterfly that I used to work without a second thought, although these days - not so much.

See you at the range!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Opening packages can give one a good feeling even if we know what is in the package, Pip Squeak is a nice looking cat

Glen Filthie said...

How are you liking that long slide, Jack?

In the next life…maybe one of those in 10mm….? 😊👍

Mad Jack said...

Jo-Anne: Thank you. Pip Squeak thanks you as well, or at least he would were he not cat-napping on my bed.

Glen: I like shooting it. It's chambered for .45 Super, which is a 10mm on Valium. I've never shot the super ammo in it; just regular .45. The recoil feels like a .38 or .32. Part of that is the weight of the pistol, but a large part involves the recoil springs (two) and the muzzle brake. The pistol is deadly accurate, and the balance in my hand feels good. The trigger is excellent.

It's not exactly an easy pistol to carry; you'd need a specially designed holster and probably a shoulder rig. Then you've got a pistol that's designed for long pistol range use, and your target is at halitosis range.

The V16 has two major disadvantages. One, it's a bitch to clean. It doesn't disassemble like a 1911 - it has two recoil springs, and the inner spring is just waiting to get loose and go somewhere at the speed of light. Then it hides. You can clean the barrel easily enough, but cleaning the powder out of those 16 little ports requires the tenacity of a bulldog with a brand new rawhide chew toy. Then you have to reassemble the thing.

Those springs are a bitch, and I don't have the hand strength to put the pistol back together. I get Big Mike to do it for me.

The second major disadvantage, and the reason the pistol didn't sell, is the number of individually machined parts. This is all stainless steel, and the parts are carefully machined. The number - and I don't know how many there are - can't begin to compete with a Glock for simplicity. The trade off was supposed to be the caliber, .45 Super, but the .45 Super isn't a 10mm and although the .45 Super ammo will fit your standard 1911, you won't shoot more than one round through it, and that's if you hang on to the pistol. Think. I'm shooting standard .45 ammo in my V16, and it kicks like a mild .38. So, .45 Super ammo in a standard 1911 might lift the gun out of your hand - if it doesn't blow up. That makes it dangerous to keep .45 Super around the house.

I like my V16, but it's never going to be my everyday pistol. I paid $900 for it, and I've seen a few on Gunbroker at around $4,000. So, if nothing else, I have a good investment.

Glen Filthie said...

45 Super! HAR HAR HAR! I haven't seen that in my neck of the woods! I shoot 45 ACP as God and St. Moses intended, thinking that if I ever needed a magnum I'd just buy one. You definitely have a uniorn or grail gun. Think you could ever poast a pic of it? It sounds like an absolute hoot...