Friday, March 22, 2024

Bored Rant: We Are Well and Truly Hosed

They, being them as is in the know, claim that the average IQ in the USA is one hundred.  Eighty and less are developmentally challenged (retards) and anything over one hundred and forty is genius level (rocket scientists).  I'm probably around one-ten, meaning I'm just smart enough to know that the world is going to hose me over, but not smart enough to do anything about it.  Put another way, don't ask me to solve a Rubik's Cube or help your offspring with his Calculus.

That said, I'm barely smart enough to understand that We the People are well and truly hosed, even if the GOP won everything next election - won every single office in Local, County, State, and Federal government, and even if the members of the GOP would all cooperate, we'd still be - wait for it...


Here's why I think that.  Sitting and chewing the fat with another like minded individual over a few shots of old thought provoker, it occurred to me that the stone cold facts of the national debt are just one example of where our government is going wrong. I got these figures from US Debt Clock, and if you don't believe the numbers are accurate, so what? The fact is that the United States is Thirty four and a half trillion ($34,590,585,700,000) U.S. dollars in debt, and the viggerish is piling up. This amounts to $102,831 per citizen of any and all ages, or $266,950 per taxpayer.  We're not counting the illegals here, but I'll get to that in a moment.  The question is not how we got here, because even I can tell you that much.  Hell, even a retarded moonbat can explain that, and they would explain it, given the incentive of a cattle prod and someone like Glen Filthie to apply it.  The real question is just how the hell will we ever get out from under this debt, and frankly, one of those answers is frightening.  I'm talking about the U.S. essentially filing for bankruptcy - sort of.  Suppose the Federal Government got up on the wrong side of the gutter one morning and decided that this being in debt business and paying interest on the debt is no way to live.  So they send out a notice canceling all debts.  Just cancel them, because we're the government and we can do this.

The fallout wouldn't be good, to say the least.

Meantime, we're spending eight hundred and seventy billion ($869,342,300,000) on  our war machine and we can't keep illegals out of the United States.  China sends spy balloons over the U.S., and we either can't or won't keep them out.  Putin invades the Ukraine and we get involved - although I really don't know why.  Israel and Hamas are going at it hammer and tongs, and everyone is ignoring the fact that between Putin, the Jews, and the Muzzies the whole thing might go nuclear.

Instead of raising hell with our representatives about high tax rates and civil rights violations (and if anyone reading this can't find any violations, you're dumber than a moonbat), the commercial media is feeding us absolute stable dressing about a social condition that truly doesn't matter.

This graphic and the next were lifted from Knuckledraggin' My Life Away, where bad choices make good stories.  If you haven't read him, drop by and take a look.  Last time I read him, he featured a very succinct, pertinent graphic - see below.

Last time I checked, it was estimated that we had eleven million illegals in the U.S.  It's probably closer to thirty million today, but that's just my guess.  My solution?  Deport 'em.  Anyone who hires, hides, or gives anything to an illegal can go to the slammer for aiding and abetting an enemy of the people. As for the illegals, put 'em on buses or in boxcars and send every single one of them back to Mexico.  If they turn out to be repeat offenders, work out a deal with Putin to house them in a Russian jail in Siberia for a year or two, then return them to Mexico.

As I write this, I'm listening to Rachmaninov: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini by Cécile Ousset; Simon Rattle: City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, and I enjoy it. Then this graphic crosses my mind, and I realize that I'm going to be late for happy hour.

Here's your diversity, you stupid liberal doorknob sucking retard.  Take a long look at this and tell me just why the public school system failed a long time ago, why we have rap music, boom cars, organizations like BLM, LGBTQ+, and the KKK, then explain just why we are not well and truly hosed.

I'm off to happy hour.  Thanks for reading.


Glen Filthie said...

Your problems are not strictly your own. Everyone is in the same boat or even worse: Canada, Australia, NZ, Europe… clowns and traitors rule and we sit by and take it. There is a growing, largely silent fury growing out there, and each day we are insulted, goaded and taunted by leaders that aren’t fit to shine our shoes. They are supported and protected by other nitwits, carpet baggers and swamp creatures that run the gubbimint.

I see a reckoning of biblical proportions coming. I will of course try to evade it like everyone else but when I get cornered… but I fed poast.

I see balkanization coming. That or a genocide that will make the holocaust look like a tea party. Possibly both.

CWMartin said...

On the bright side, if it does go nuclear the EMP will crash all the computers and the debt will vanish, the free food will dry up as nobody will have any idea how to make/grow/process it, and the illegals will shoot back down to the equator to eat bananas and mangos.