Friday, June 18, 2021

An Unusual Encounter on Friday

I live across the street from a Dollar General.  It hasn't closed down as yet, in spite of the blatant shoplifting that goes on there.  Last time I was in the store, I watched a 20-something female walk out with a fully laden basket of merchandise - and the cashier said nothing.

I spoke with a young cashier some months back, a 20-something man of average athletic ability, who had pursued a shoplifter, caught the thief, and retrieved the stolen merchandise.  The district manager gave him a reprimand instead of a medal.  But I guess that's the way things work.

Today I needed a greeting card, so I got my ragged old self dressed for civilization, then debated taking my pistol.  I'm only going across the street.  What could happen to me?  Besides, I'm wearing nylon pants and the pistol tends to print.  And, well...


Out the Front Door

Across the Driveway, Stopping to Admire My Neighbor's Flowers

To the Sidewalk

Where I found a young man eating breakfast.  He was sitting in the shade on the utility box, and was clearly worried I'd harass him for trespassing.  He was neat and friendly, introducing himself as Mick.  I told him my name was Jack, gave him a fist bump, and wished him a pleasant morning.

The Utility Box

When I returned I could find no trace Mick had ever been there.  No litter, no nothing.  I suspect he was homeless, but he knew how to take care of himself.  He seemed to be in good shape to me, and his breakfast was a bowl of Cheerios and a quart of milk.  He was using a bowl and spoon, and evidenced decent table manners.

I wish him well.


CWMartin said...

Too bad so many able-bodied non-unfortunates can't keep things so picked up- looking at you, disc-park users!

Anonymous said...

nylon pants???

Mad Jack said...

Exercise gear, Anon.