Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Bolt From the Blue

I'm religious.  I cheerfully admit to being a born again Christian.  I am also a work in progress.

All that said, I've often wondered just why the Lord doesn't take a more active role in the various activities in our world - then something like this happens.

Lightning Destroys George Floyd Mural in Ohio

From the article:

Police in Toledo confirmed that a bolt of lightning struck the building and caused the section of wall adorned with the large mural to collapse, reducing it to rubble, WTOL reported.

Check out these before and after pix, which I blatantly stole from some hapless news source:

The Original George Floyd Mural

The Remains of the Day

A career criminal dies of a drug overdose while being arrested, and all of a sudden it's murder one and B-L-M fun.  I've got no room for this kind of thing, but I'm kind of wondering if the Lord didn't get fed up and decided to make a statement.

We can only hope.


CWMartin said...

2 things: One, I figure the Lord is already doing to Mr Floyd according to his will. That said, I have learned that our God has a biting sense of humor...

Glen Filthie said...

Oh no no no, Jack.

It wasn’t only Murder One. Chauvin got charged with manslaughter too. Don’t ask me how a man can be guilty of both premeditated murder and unintentional manslaughter at the same time… perhaps our moral and intellectual superiors in the judiciary will tell us one day.