Thursday, July 15, 2021

Request For Opinions and Information

 Before the censors take this digital rag off their platform on the grounds of immorality, I'd like to get one more provocative, insulting, and emotionally stimulating question out there.  Unfortunately I can't take credit for this one, but I wish I'd thought of it.

I was wasting time over at Filthie's Thunderbox (Where Great Intelligence Goes To Be Insulted) and was reading his missive You Didn’t Build That….  when I stumbled across this little gem in the comments section posted by an idle reader calling himself Stuart (no first name, no middle initial), who claims to be from Louisiana but is probably from South Dakota or someplace.

Before we go any further, heed the standard disclaimer: Not for the weak of heart or those with a thin skin.  Missives posted by your host Mad Jack are for entertainment purposes only, and any insults are deliberate and delivered with conviction.  Only two sexes are recognized; male and female.  Continue at your own risk, and don't say we didn't warn you.

Here's the question posted by Stuart:

Here is an interesting little historical brain exerciser while you are enjoying a nice Laphroaig this evening:

Name a society, anywhere on the planet, at any time in recorded human history, that has been improved by the addition of black people.

Report back.

All I can say is that it's early times yet.  Give me until this evening to come up with an answer.


Glen Filthie said...

Historically blacks have filled three roles in any society they found themselves in: servants, slaves, and criminals. The United States is the only country where they have been given ample opportunity to rise above that…and even then, such efforts are usually dismal failures. Hey - I don’t like this either, okay?

Years ago I saw a documentary on the KKK back in the 60s. in one part, a fella was saying that if blacks got civil rights, the property values in their communities would dive. People would have to lick their doors at night. Crime rates would sky rocket. The old cone head read off a litany of dire predictions and every single one came true.

I don’t think white people are going to put up with black predation much longer… but we shall see.

Mad Jack said...

Some of my neighbors are black, and with one notable exception, they're good people. They don't have a boom car, they don't litter, they keep their homes up. The exception isn't that way.

I don't think the KKK is the answer, but neither do I believe that the local residents are going to tolerate much more crap from the BLM organization and its allies. Black Muslims, New Black Panthers, whatever.

Glen Filthie said...

C'mon, Jack. I am not saying the KKK is the answer, or that all blacks are niggers. With the obligatory virtue signaling the way - let us get to the heart of the matter. I am saying that race, IQ and genetics are real, and that if we ignore that truth, we run the risk of having the same problems they have in South Africa right now. Gerard at American Digest has some spectacular vids up of average African intellect in action - you should check them out. Hey - I don't like any of this either, and I wish I was wrong.

We are having these problems because we are treating blacks like whites. They are not. Genetically they have not evolved past neolithic hunter/gatherers. Statistically, about 40% of them will have the mental capacity to fit in to a modern civilized culture. The rest will struggle. 40% of blacks are going to be too stupid to hold a mundane job; they don't have the IQ for it. I'm not saying that to be mean, I call it as I see it: these guys have real barriers and adversities to face and deal with - and our idiot liberals are trying to paint those as 'systemic racism'. It is of no use to get angry at blacks, any more than it would be to get mad at a dog for acting like a dog. A sizeable demographic of blacks don't have the capacity to function in an ever evolving high tech society. That is no sin, hells bells, you and I struggle with it (and fail) too. But at least we can stay out of jail and off welfare.

I believe that black justice should be simple, swift - and ruthlessly brutal as our ancestors practiced it. Hell, apply it to the whites too! I remember reading about a fella by the name of Sherriff Joe Arpio in Arizona. He ran a prison and the inmates were actually PUNISHED. Their food was nutritious but awful and bland. The inmate privileges were few and far between, and were all up for cancellation at the drop of a hat. The inmates worked, or else. Insubordination or disrespect to the guards was met with force if necessary, and remedial punishments afterward. Inmates that screwed with Joe got the very hell of it and fell in line - and stayed in line even after they got out. Prisoners released from his jail never reoffended, and recidivism was negligible. And the neoliberals howled in rage.

It is my contention we are not only destroying the blacks (and ourselves) with neoliberal prisons and welfare... we are actually promoting ever more degenerate and antisocial behaviour and congratulating ourselves on our virtue. But whadda I know? Thinking like this makes me a racist, and worthy of cancellation, deplatforming, and ostracism.

Keep thinking dangerous thoughts, Jack, become ungovernable - and have a great weekend.

Mad Jack said...

Glen: Sheriff Joseph Michael Arpaio was a singular occurrence. Crime rates dropped when Joe was in office, and while his tent city jail was decried by many as being inhumane, Sheriff Joe pointed out that the U.S. Military had troops living in the same conditions - so it couldn't be that bad.

My thought is that it isn't the severity of the punishment that matters; it's the surety and immediacy. You tell a child not to play in the street. You catch the child in the act of playing in the street, and the child receives a swat or three across the butt. You explain why, and that's that. We hope.

Of course, you'll get people like my younger brother. While on vacation in Florida, we told him not to touch the little blue balloons he sees along the beach, that they're actually jellyfish and will hurt him. He understands, then touches one. You'd have thought the Comanches were lifting his hair the way he carried on. I got to the point where I wanted to take him for a little swim in the ocean.

Anyway... you make an excellent point about judgemental standards. My point is that there is a group of people who don't function well in a shared space, and that group is getting larger.

Meantime, I offer up as evidence the shooting of Olivia Kurtz, who caught a stray 9mm at an unsanctioned rave in a park downtown. The cops are clueless. I'm betting that someone living in the area got sick and tired of being ignored by the CPD and busted a few caps at random. Olivia caught one in the head. Sure, I'm sorry for her friends and family, but frankly, Olivia shouldn't have been there. The cops could have prevented this by breaking up the party before it got started. They refused to do so.