Monday, August 22, 2022

Deputy Dumb-Ass...

 Just about the time that the Defund the Police movement starts running out of fuel and the commercial news media had nothing better to write about except the mysterious disappearance of Kiely Rodni (who has since been found, but no one will admit it as of this writing), a complete and total asshole down in Florida who is wearing a gun and a badge he should never in a million years been issued pulls a boneheaded stunt that could easily have blown up into the next Civil (rights) War II.

Be forewarned and keep reading - or not.

Ebony Washington, a thirty something fat black woman with a master's degree and a clean record, along with her four children, are on the breezeway heading north to Jacksonville, FL out of Gainesville.  It's night, and she's doing seventy-five in a fifty-five.  Deputy sheriff Jason Desue sees her, and being a conscientious law enforcement officer, he hits the lights and siren with the intention of pulling her over.  He has his body cam on, although my thought is that he forgot all about it.

This is where the show starts.

Washington doesn't pull over immediately.  She drives for a few minutes until she finds a very well lighted gas station, which she pulls into.  Meanwhile, we can hear Desue going ballistic in his patrol car, promising to shoot her, put her in the ground, all kinds of crap.

Here's one article, which is pretty much like everything else that's been written about this fiasco:

Florida Deputy Resigns after Tense Encounter with Pregnant Black Woman

Which actually should be titled:

Deputy Sheriff Jason Desue Chooses Resignation over Dismissal After Major Fuck Up Involving Black Woman Committing a Moving Violation

From the article:
TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida deputy who was caught on video pointing a gun at a pregnant Black woman during a traffic stop has resigned, authorities tell WFLA.

Deputy Jason Desue left the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office shortly after the incident, which occurred after midnight on Friday, Aug. 12, First Coast News reported.

The mother, Ebony Washington, who is four months pregnant, told WJAX she and her four children were on their way home to Jacksonville from Gainesville when Desue tried to pull her over for speeding. She was going 75 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone, according to reports.
Speeding is a solid violation and seriously unsafe.  Seventy-five at night?  What the actual fuck?  Desue's behavior is not justified.

Here's a link to the body cam footage:

See what I mean?  The guy is even holding his pistol sideways.  He, after all, is authority personified and cool as hell into the bargain.  Now, had he shot Washington, things would have gone so far sideways it would take ten years or more to recover.  Had one of the kids opened the door and popped out, Desue would likely empty his magazine and there would be hell to pay.

My first point here, although I've taken the scenic route to get to it, is that former deputy Jason Desue looks and acts like he's high on something beside life.  It looks to me like he's got a nose full of cocaine or crystal methamphetamine - or something.  If he's not on drugs, he's mentally ill and needs treatment.  We'll start with Thorazine. 

My second point is that while his boss did the right thing and effectively fired him, what I wonder is how long Desue has been behaving that way?  He's been with the department for two years, and no one wakes up one morning and makes a decision to instantly and radically change their attitude and behavior.  No, Desue has been like this for a while, and this is the first time it's ever snapped back and bit him.

My third point is where there's one, there's more.  I'd say that the State should send in a team of investigators who are knowledgeable about law enforcement, impartial in their evaluation, and have solid experience.  Investigate the sheriff's office and see just how the hell this psychopath managed to slip through the dick filter.

I see crap like this, and I remind myself that this is an exception.  This is not the way I've seen other cops behave, and it's not the way I think most cops behave.  I'm thinking that many police see this and want five minutes alone with Desue, just to get a few things straightened out.  Probably a few more would like to see him charged with a crime.  Me, I want to see the results of the investigation I just described.

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CWMartin said...

Leaving aside my laughing at "dick filter", I have to say that this kind of thing has happened enough to shatter my false opinion that our society can and has grown beyond this kind of hate. As well as all of those shows that show departments like this and you say to yourself, "They couldn't get away with this in this day and age." That we haven't just shows how terminally stupid humankind is.