Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Politics As Usual

It isn't about guns, it's about control.  In this case, it's still all about control.  The Blade ran another dog warden story today, Decision Delayed On Dog Warden's Authority which is ostensibly about allowing Julie Lyle, the new Lucas County dog warden to run the department the way she sees fit.  As usual, Commissioner Ben Konop does not agree with Comm. Pete Gerken and Tina Skeldon-Wozniak who are supported by sock puppet Peter Ujvagi.  The entire argument stems from the 'retirement' of ex-dog warden Tom 'Papa Doc' Skeldon who over-indulged his hobby of killing dogs to the point where the hoi polloi started burning him in effigy.  Ben Konop wanted to fire Papa Doc.  Gerken and Skeldon-Wozniak wanted to beautify him and provide him with newer, more repressive dog control laws.  A compromise was reached and Papa Doc's whereabouts are unknown.

Gerken and Skeldon-Wozniak want Julie Lyle, the new dog warden, to pick up right where Papa Doc left off.  Since Julie was hired to correct Papa Doc's mistakes it should come as no real surprise that more dogs are being adopted and fewer are being killed.  In particular, so-called pit bulls are being adopted out instead of killed off.

Gerken and Skeldon-Wozniak do not like the new arrangement.  They wanted to keep Papa Doc.  Now they both oppose Commissioner Ben Konop with the intemperate disposition of spiteful twelve year old children who have encountered an obstinate parent, and who want to take out their frustration on everyone around them.  As old as they are, I would have hoped for a little emotional maturity by now, but it seems my hope is in vain.

As for Ben Konop, one thing he could do is to tell Peter Ujvagi that when Ujvagi should have an opinion, he'll be told what it is.  In the mean time, Ujvagi should keep his resume updated.

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