Thursday, December 8, 2022

Private School in the Big Windy - What Will Your Child Get?

I caught this story on Knuckledraggin My Life Away (which if you don't read, you should).  You can check the link Oh, HELL NO!!!, but it actually leads to the story Project Veritas Undercover Highlights Chicago School Dean Bragging About Sharing Sex Toys with Minors in Classroom, as published on December 8, 2022, courtesy of The Conservative Treehouse.

Keep reading for a commentary and rant that is unsuitable for moon-bats, SJWs, and fragile little snowflakes.

From the article:

CHICAGO - An elite, private high school [Francis W. Parker School - MJ] in Lincoln Park is responding to comments made by the school's dean.

A non-profit journalism group called "Project Veritas" posted a story about the dean of Francis W. Parker school and things he said over a cup of coffee.

It included video of the dean, Joseph Bruno, saying students were taught about queer sex by LGBTQ+ activists who passed adult toys around the classroom.

The school says Bruno was targeted by Project Veritas, and he was misled to believe he was conversing with a conference attendee over coffee.

The tuition at Francis W. Parker School is $40,000-and-change per year.  For forty large your child gets to examine and play with butt plugs, dildos, and a host of other pervert sexual AIDS.  The pre-K kids get pictures and story time with a fat faggot dressed like a woman.  More, if your child is white and /or identifies as white, that student isn't allowed to attend certain functions.  In other words, the elite school practices and encourages racial segregation.  The Students of Color Affinity Group (SOCA) meets once a month to discuss things that only apply to SOC.  So there's that.

The chief pervert at Francis W. Parker School is Joseph Bruno, the Dean of Students.  He's the one who arranged the sex education classes, which, he says, are completely and enthusiastically supported by the school administration and the Board of Directors.

From the article:

“Parker administrators and Parker’s Board of Trustees support Parker’s programming, the strength and inclusivity of our curriculum, and the dedicated and talented faculty and staff that teach it,” the school said.

A quote from Bruno:

“So, I’ve been the Dean for four years. During Pride — we do a Pride Week every year — I had our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in [to the classroom]. They were passing around butt-plugs and dildos to my students — talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit,” Bruno said.

I'm old.  I have high mileage, and I'm a long way from being a prude.  These people are true perverts, minions of the evil one.  An investigative reporter uncovered this sewage - but now what?

Back in the old days, the LGBTQ+ Health Center would have been destroyed by a small group of activists.  If he wasn't killed outright, Bruno would have been forced to flee the country, and Canada is out of the question.  Thailand, maybe.  The school would either close or be closed, and the entire staff would be charged with child abuse.  I'll cite as an example the McMartin Preschool Case, which started in 1983 and ran until 1990, when all charges were dropped.

But that's back in the bad old days.  Now?  Now the staff gets commended.

This is the situation we the people know about.  We know that it happened now, right now, and nothing will be done to stop it.  How many similar situations exist that we know nothing about?  How is something like this actually happening?


CWMartin said...

No humor for this one. Hard to laugh at the damage they do to children. Or the judgment they are calling down on themselves.

Mad Jack said...

CW: For certain sure. The world in general, but the US in particular, seems to get a little crazier every year. I remember that my father worked for a truck line, and there would be no shortage of truck drivers that would be glad to have a talk with an outfit like that.

Mike-SMO said...

If the "private" schools are forced to abandon tests to get "Diversity", those schools will day care centers for the criminally insane. Enough "chilluns" from the ghetto can't learn since they are too busy fighting and dealing. They will destroy any institution that admits them.

Mad Jack said...

The 'diversity' regulations will be the downfall of education, at least in some areas. My unscientific opinion is that half of the system is circling the drain.

I've seen the same thing in 'affordable housing' here in Columbus. Cutting right to the chase, the tenets housed there tear the shit out of everything and crime skyrockets. I think it was last year that some genius on the Columbus City Council pushed the idea that affordable housing and income diversity should be built in Upper Arlington, a very affluent suburb of Columbus. Suffice to say that the residents of Upper Arlington banded together and put a stop to it.

Oh, but diversity!

Ah... no.