Monday, December 5, 2022

The 'No Food' Diet - Coming to a City Near You!

Big Mike announced that he's stopped wondering why people do the bat-shit crazy, incredibly thick-headed things that often make the news.  If I wanted a modicum of mental tranquility, I'd follow his example - but I'm not that bright.  I'm the sort that will take my finger out of the dyke to see if she'll demand I plug her up again dike to see if the water will come out.  Then I'll repair to the nearest bar and have a drink or three while the storm drain system overflows into the next country.

This latest move by the European Union and the environmentalists pretty much puts them all on the city council in Crazy Town, at least temporarily, and could easily lead to a genuine insurrection.  Keep reading for half a rant, complete with a decent helping of testosterone fueled toxicity.

The largest exporter of agricultural products (right now, anyway) is the good old U.S. of A., but that may change.  In second place and falling fast into tenth is The Netherlands.  Bet you didn't know that, did you?  I didn't, and I'm a real know-it-all.  I would suppose the Dutch were getting along fine until the advent of the European Union and the moonbats who now occupy the government.

Environmentalists put pressure on the E.U. to enthusiastically support their ruinous plans for a net-zero environment - everywhere.  By way of response, some putz in the Netherlands obligingly declared war on the farmers.  No, I'm not kidding.  Dutch farmers now have to pay for special licenses to expand their farms, and for livestock.  Livestock?

Livestock.  In addition to steak, leather, and milk, cows also produce cow farts.  This, if you believe the environmentalists, is actually damaging to the environment and causes global warming, or climate change as it's now called, because, you see, the warming hasn't happened quickly enough and with enough warmth.

Now, I'll grant you that if you're standing close enough to any cow, and the bovine discharges a class A fart, you'll wish you were someplace else right now.  Horses are pretty much the same way, as are ponies, camels, dromedaries, giraffes, and elephants.  The E.U., however, has singled out cattle as its target.  Sheep don't enter into it, nor do pigs or rhinoceros.

I got wind of this (pun intended) from Big Mike, who saw it on The Pipeline.  There are two articles  about the war on the farming community that are worth reading:

More War on the Boers and Are Dutch Farmers the New Canadian Truckers? are written by Tom Finnerty, Senior-Writer, who does a good job with the subject.  My sincere complements to Tom for writing succinct, intelligible articles.

From the article:

We've heard a lot about Net-Zero insanity in the U.K., Canada, and the United States, but enthusiasm for the concept is widespread among our global elite. For just the latest example, the government of the Netherlands, in order to do their part to "fight climate change" has recently enacted various pieces of environmentalist legislation. Among the most ambitious of these is a plan to slash the emission of gases like nitrogen oxide and ammonia by 50 percent by the year 2030.

Such drastic cuts necessitates radical action, and so to achieve their goal, the Dutch government is going to include increased regulations on farmers, including significant reductions in livestock -- whose flatulence is a popular target of environmentalist ire -- and for public money to be put towards buying up farmland to prevent its use in farming. Official plans have even been leaked laying out "scenarios" in which farmers could be forced to sell their land to the government.

I don't know what they've got in The Netherlands, but I suspect it's a thinly veiled form of fascism.  The U.S. isn't in much better shape, as we've got eminent domain, which has been misused since its inception.  The Dutch plan to buy up 3,000 farms and convert them to non-agricultural use.  The amount of stupidity on public display is mind-boggling.

Getting past the obvious problems the Dutch will have, I'll make the following observations:
  • This is coming to the United States, and it's only a matter of time until it arrives.
  • Get ready for a real food shortage.
  • Between the high cost of fuel (not just for transport) and the cost of labor, the expense of keeping yourself from starving is going to double.  It may go higher than that.
  • If you want an armed insurrection, start with a food shortage.  Nothing brings out violence like watching your friends and family going hungry while the wealthy and the government employ private security and eat like the despots they are.
As I remember it, the Ayatollah Obongo said something about the Great Unwashed 'clinging to their guns, their Bibles'.  Being a lifetime member of the Great Unwashed, I think that's where you'll find me when the fertilizer hits the windfarm blades.


Peteforester said...

I'll cling to God and my guns. Odumbo's minions can cling to their change... Maybe the Manchurian president will brush a few crumbs off his table to feed them...

Ed Bonderenka said...

Can we just cut to the chase and have the armed insurrection?

Glen Filthie said...

“ I don't know what they've got in The Netherlands, but I suspect it's a thinly veiled form of fascism.…”

Fascists and even socialists will act in defence of their nations and people. This is just corruption. They don’t give a hoot about cow farts or green Mother Gia. Somebody’s got their hand in a cookie jar, somebody’s back is being scratched, somebody’s being paid off. We used to shoot leaders like this.

CWMartin said...

They said nothing when they came for the cow farts. Then it was the doggie deuces, the Wal-Mart floaties. Finally, they came to my door to tax my ass. I said, "Pucker up..."

Mad Jack said...

Pete: If the Manchurian Not-A-President gives them anything by way of crumbs, they'll be rolling the dice against food poisoning.

Ed: I'm with you. No one who has had to duck lead actually wants to do it again, but you get to the point where you believe there's no other option and no guarantees that the new occupant of the double-wide docked at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is all that much better than whatever it is we have now.

Glen: It certainly could be plain old corruption, but given the absolutely insane behavior I've seen over the past hundred years I'm not so sure. It may easily be a combination of the two.

CW: I get the feeling you see some humor in this. Well... maybe so.