Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Banned by Nextdoor

 It seems there's a third rate social media site, Nextdoor.  People create an account there to get the latest news about their neighborhood, as your account also has your geographic location.  I got an account there a few years ago because of a crime problem, and that was that.


Rant warning.  Foul language and politically incorrect insults ahead.  Read at your own risk.  SJWs should take two milligrams of Xanax before continuing.

Some Soros funded ass wipe posted some flame bait five or six times, then some dumb fucking cunt (DFC) decided to support him.  Then some right wing-nut (not me) responded and told her to go pound sand where the sun don't shine, and she called him a misogynistic, homophobic hate machine, and dumb old me, I can't keep my fat yap shut - right? - so I told her to grow a thicker skin and not act as dumb as she looks, and I had to finish it off by telling her our Vice President Kamala Harris was stupid.


My personal message to the stupid idiots who run Nextdoor: Fuck you.

What I learned from the Lunatic Left on Nextdoor is that I, personally, cannot believe just how completely stupid the Left actually is.  These people will believe anything.  They don't know how it works, but they're an expert on it, whatever it is, and they'll voice their opinion in unison.  The worst news is that they vote.

I'm not worried about Nextdoor and the Lunatic Left.  I think it's past Happy Hour, and time for a martini.


Peteforester said...

My mom is a loony Leftie. She said she hoped Biden wouldn't run again, asking me if I'd ever seen a president that had to contend with so many crises, that she was afraid he wouldn't make it through another term! No shit! This is what she actually believes!!! For one, Biden hasn't even made it through his FIRST term yet and is already wandering off into oblivion. For another, he... and WE... wouldn't have so many crises to deal with if he didn't make creating them the top priority of the few lucid moments he has each day!

...I've long given up on the likes of her... Pointing out the realities of the Biden "administration" is like trying to describe the color red to Helen Keller! ...Truly BRAINWASHED, they are!!!

CWMartin said...

I've managed to delete most of the lunatic left from my SM timelines. Still have a few, mostly shirttail relations and sports-themed acquaintances that occasionally have to pop like a zit. Not worth the time to do anything but pray for them. Mouthing back to them is what made it so the Zook won't allow links to my blog on FB. I guess maybe I should have kept the "living in your mom's basement" line to myself.

Mad Jack said...

Pete: Sorry to hear that about your mom. My own dear mother got tangled up with a group of Jehovah's Witness people, which I eventually ran off. Our Pastor had a talk with mom and explained what the JWs believe and why they aren't Christian. Anyway, you're quite right. Most of the lunatic left can't be reasoned with - they just refuse to see anything but their own viewpoint.

CW: Yeah, the basement line may have been a bit much. I know that your heart's in the right place, so keep praying. I'll pray as well, because you never know - right?